Sunday, September 21, 2008

K41 and all that

After quite a few meetings with people from Behau and various official and semi-official organisations regarding diving at K41 it seems we have come to a compromise. So long as Malai do NOT go near the small sacred trees (pictured below) we are more than welcome to use the site. The community will even start selling us cold drinks and maybe even build some low platforms that we can use to set our SCUBA equipment on.
Most of you will have noticed the very small but very visible barricade the community have put on the site. It is not a road block. It is basically a sign asking us to use the original track down to the waters edge. No problem. However, even though the barricade is very visible, yesterday we watched someone use the new (eastern) track. They drove to the barricade, thought about it, and then just drove straight through it. Not a way to win hearts and minds. So please, respect the site and we will be tolerated. End of homily.


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