Thursday, October 16, 2008

K41 Delivers - Again!

Well, it’s done it again.
After more than 8 years of diving in East Timor, with around 1000 dives at K41 alone I thought I had seen it all at that particular dive site. Once again it’s proved me wrong.

I, and other divers, have seen Dugong, Manta rays, Hammerhead Sharks, Maori wrasse, many and varied flavours of Pipefish, Orca’s, Squid orgies, bait-balls etc etc at K41 but yesterday had to take the biscuit.
Instructor Andrew was out with 2 tourist divers, Bali and Mecah, on their first dive since completing their Open Water course. So there they were, at about 12metres, watching a trumpetfish doing its thing when a large shadow passed over them. Looking up they saw a 3.5metre Whaleshark! The fish circled them 6 times and stayed for around 5 minutes. What a great first dive..
Do Whalesharks travel in groups? Are there more out there? The only way to find out is to get out there and Go Diving!


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