Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It's Own Worst Enemy

The Barramundi Cod (Cromileptes altivelis) is probably one of the unluckiest fish in the ocean. Bright white, covered in black polka-dots and with a distinctive hump-back (hence it's common name), this fish is NOT good at hiding. Not a particularly deep dweller, the Barramundi is an ideal target for spear fishermen.
If you check out 'Grants Guide' to Fishing, the Aussie anglers bible, you'll find that this particular fish is maybe the tastiest thing you can find in tropical seas. Since I've been diving here in TL, about 6,500 dives now, I've only encountered this fish about 10 times, and at least 5 of those times it was the same fish. It is not considered a rare species but it is "under threat" so I would normally keep the location of the fish secret. I think you don't see it much here because we have so many "spearo's" and it's an easy target.
Here's a picture of one at Dirt Track the other day. Sorry about the quality of the picture but under the circumstances (4 metre vis and a strong current) it was the best I could do. I promise we'll try to make sure that the rest of our pictures will at least be in focus in the future.....

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