Thursday, August 21, 2008



As most of you will be aware, K41 has had a roadblock built of rocks across the path for some time now. After numerous meetings with the people of the area, attended by,
among others, representatives of the Ministry of Tourism, USAID and FreeFlow, the people of the village have let us know that the reason for the roadblock is that we have been violating a sacred site. As many of you will be aware, the 4 little scrubby trees at the water’s edge, about 40metres east of the big shade tree, are in fact sacred. The God of the Wind lives here! The people of the area felt that some Malai were disrespecting this site by parking cars there, sun-baking there and even sometimes using it as a toilet. It has been agreed that a sign will be made, in 4 languages, stating something along the lines of “This is a sacred site, please respect it”, and placed next to the trees. Then the roadblock will come down. In the meantime please respect the area and if you see any Malai parked there or just being there please let them politely know and this problem should go away. Oh, also one of the boys from the area, Manuel, has started to sell soft drinks and beer. He walks down to the dive site with a box full drinks, softies USD 1.00 each. Buy some from him, even if you don’t want it just then.


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