Saturday, August 30, 2008

People Say The Nicest Things

“Wayne knows East Timor 's divesites better than anyone else; his explorations have led to the establishment of many of the sites. He's also an excellent critter finder as he has the knack of finding the rare and unusual…… an outstanding feature of service is that FreeFlow do not impose a maximum dive time; you can dive as long as your air and computer safely allows or until your camera battery runs out!”
Dave Harasti—Sport Diving Magazine, Australia

“I was to find out why East Timor held such appeal while hanging out with two of the country's most knowledgeable divers, Wayne Lovell and Ann Turner of FreeFlow Diving. I had expressed curiosity about East Timor's reef inhabitants via email, so was heartened to find that Wayne…. a nudibranch geek, was an authority on local marine-life habits, bizarre critters and all.
Ethan Daniels—Diver Magazine, UK

“Not only does East Timor offer unsurpassed diving but you can also snorkel in some great secluded crystal clear bays, rock climb, trek, fish…. the list seemed to go on way beyond the time we had left so we settled for a relaxing day instead….. Well it is a holiday and as Ann and Wayne’s motto says….. Go with the ‘Flow”!!!!”
Suzanne Offenberg—DiveLog Australasia

The beauty of diving in East Timor is that it is largely unexplored territory. Most (dive sites)are witin an hour’s drive of Dili. The FreeFlow dive safari includes transport to and from these sites.
Lynn Lee—Asian Wall Street Journal

Dili, East Timor—Scuba divers dream of discovering an unspoiled marine paradise, and they need look no further than the pristine waters here….
Kayo Matsushita—The Asahi Shimbum, Japan

I’ve been diving for 16 years and can honestly say that Timor-Leste offers the most sublime diving…….. Providing pure underwater ecstasy. Very few places in the Indo-West Pacific, or anywhere on Earth, can compare to Timor’s coral reef diversity, ease of diving and untainted beauty. It was difficult to fathom that these were beach dives!....
Asian Diver Magazine

To dive in Timor-Leste can be as simple as a stroll into the sea from the roadside. It can be as exhilarating as a flying drift dive shoulder to shoulder with a school of barracuda…..
Daniel J. Groshong—Escape Magazine


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